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Lightning in a bottle

September 9, 2019

We strive, and many times we merely survive the night. We’ve had glimpses of that electrified state, but of course, you can’t capture the lightning in the bottle. We played Luigi’s on Saturday night, one of our go to spots, and our only gig this weekend. Some may say that all went well. If you ask the audience and the staff and the management about the sound out front, it was good to go, good as usual, a job well done. Hell we even got paid! But there are two worlds of sound, what goes out front, and what exists on stage, and world of sound unique to each players in ear mix... a grand total of seven worlds of sound. Sounds like a good album title for Steve Vai. So many dozens of factors affecting sensitive ears makes for an absolute puzzle at times, trying to decipher how to dial in each different input. Enough to put you in a state of mind fit for an asylum. And even if you approach something decent, a bandmates volume can change, or a different style of song comes along and everything is thrown off in your head. Volumes is fundamental. We don’t like to be told that we are too loud. we revolt when we can't hear. Feedback in the heat of the moment is too much to digest and unnerving. There are too many possibilities to solve for. Nic, our sound engineer, and Guy, our fearless leader, decades under his belt, both tell me that this is par for the course, that it is a constant issue in live performance. I derive some solace from their knowledge, but I don’t completely understand it because of my own lack of experience and a contrarian mind begs to challenge it. These are the trials of rookie musicianship. Let the veterans remember first experiences.  But, ever onward we shall go. MP 

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