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September 5, 2019

In view of the vastness of our subject matter, which may appear to be the story of a band but is in reality no less than the full range of life itself, perhaps I can do no better in this initial entry than to indulge the questions that drive one to write at all. 

What is a band? Why should anyone join a band for that matter? What is the purpose of a band? Why do we play the music that we play? What is the purpose of the public performance of music? What is the nature of a band? How can six individual human beings interact with each other personally and musically?  Who are these fellow travelers? And why are they the way they are? How can one begin to tackle the immensity of factors that influence the existence of the band, or any relationship for that matter? Is this a business? What is a business? Will we stay together? For how long? Where are we now and where will we go from here? What is success? What happens when people band members disagree? To what degree is this utter foolishness? How do we handle the tensions inherent to such an endeavor? Will they overcome us? How do technical and musical issues turn in to existential issues? What is perseverance? What choice and opportunity are available and how is one to choose? 

As you can see, it is in the nature of this observer to produce more questions than answers. This is par for the course for the beginning of any descriptive, explorative, or observational endeavor. In the course of time you shall see that, as with all things, we stand in the middle, from which point we may confirm or deny anything, and from where we may choose any direction available. And so, until I write again, I will leave you now, as you wind on down the road. MP 

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