Test Before the Storm

The Guy Unger Band is on fire. As it comes our way, we giving right back to you. The fans, the friends, the family. Keep with us as we take off on a journey together.

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Lightning in a bottle

September 9, 2019 We strive, and many times we merely survive the night. We’ve had glimpses of that electrified state, but of course, you can’t capture the lightning in the bottle. We played Luigi’s o


September 5, 2019 In view of the vastness of our subject matter, which may appear to be the story of a band but is in reality no less than the full range of life itself, perhaps I can do no better in

The Guy Unger plays for Music City

The spectacular live production of Music City starts off in Fayetteville NC. Guy Unger was asked to accompany the music during the shows local dates. Unexpected was the opportunity for the GUY UNGER B

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